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Our company specializes in the field of construction engineering for the civil works that include all earthworks, concrete works, steel works, sanitary works, electrical and mechanical projects for commercial, residential, government building maintenance and other services. Our company offers the best business in the implementation of the technical specifications and high use of the finest materials involved in the completion of engineering projects for all civil , electrical and mechanical works. We are also providing competitive prices and with less duration if necessary for the completion of the work required from us in a smaller proportion of time with a high level of architectural work and to achieve the requirements of the beneficiary. Quality, sincerity and cooperation with our customers and consulting engineers in the required projects is one of our values.




Since the opening of the company in 2001 and over the course of more than ten years, a variety of projects had been completed in the emirate of Dubai and Sharjah between individual residential villas, villas complexes and commercial buildings that are worth more than 100 million dirhams. Additionally, there are many projects that are under construction which includes 5 projects in Dubai worth more than 15 million dirhams and 4 projects in Sharjah that are worth 6 million dirhams.




The company has many mechanisms and heavy equipment in good condition, which is making the task of implementation of the projects the most efficient and in accordance with the technical specifications and deadlines specified by the relevant trader with it. The number of mechanisms by which the company work are more than 20 type of machinery and heavy equipment.

Asali Trading specialise in the following areas:


»civil works


>concrete works

>steel works

>sanitary works




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